Tata Mumbai (2020) Marathoners supporting Caregiver Saathi



We have a bunch of marathoners who will be running the Tata Mumbai Marathon on 19th Jan 2020 to support Caregiver Saathi. They are helping us so that we can build a center where we can offer their programs for family caregivers of the terminally ill.​ Family caregivers endure trauma through their care giving journeys and need psycho-social support for their mental health and well-being.​

Runners raising Funds for Caregiver Saathi –
Madhusudan Bagrey -He is a finance professional and has been running approximately a little over a 1000 kms a year.

Rohit Unni – He is an astute marketing and brand strategist by profession with an inclination towards sport right from his childhood days.

Runners supporting Caregiver Saathi –
Running Buddies (started in 2016 by Nazmin Zaffar an ULTRA athlete) is an independent club that consists of individuals from all walks of life. RB also focuses on development, and aims to assist disadvantaged athletes with kit, race entries and transport. Supporters from RB for Caregiver Saathi include Vijaykumar, Kumar Shah, George, Pramod Satam, Abhishek , Dhruv and Kamalax Rao.

Nishanth MS, who is an Insurance professional follows his intense appetite for running and is running for us.

Currently Caregiver Saathi does not have the 80G exemption to offer and this is coming in the way of raising funds. No contribution is small and even Rs 500 can go a long way in building this institution.​

So donate generously and help reach out to others.

Donate here: https://caregiversaathi.co.in/donate-funds-form.php


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