The Need For A Supportive Care Culture in Workplaces

Original Publishing Date: 16 January 2019
Publisher: HR Dive
Author: Katie Clarey

The article talks about the gap in communication between caregivers and their employers. Most employers do not realize the toll that caregiving takes on caregivers and the effect it can have on their mental health. The article also underlines the fear that most employees have of confiding in their employers about their caregiving duties. They fear losing their jobs and having their salaries cut. The sheer number of caregivers who have left their jobs to care of loved ones is startlingly high. The lack of supportive work culture for caregivers is evident.

“A true solution to the caretaking problem may require employers to not only rethink job requirements, workloads and benefits, but also redesign career paths as the world knows them.”

Businesses must do an in-depth analysis of their work culture and focus on improving their employees’ work conditions. Employers do not realize the losses that are incurred as a result of this. The cost of bringing in new changes in the organization is worth the level of productivity that the employee will bring to the table. It is the need of the hour for employers to rethink their work strategies and develop a work environment that is suitable to the needs of their employees. The growth of the ‘sandwich generation’ has resulted in many employees having to care for their children and parents simultaneously. A new work dynamic involving a more flexible work arrangement could help ease their burden.

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