Tips For Releasing Resentment

Original Publishing date: 01-03-2018
Publisher: Today’s Caregiver
Author: Lisa Hutchison

In a society like India which assumes the role of caregiving is the duty of a loved one, caregivers are pressurised to do the utmost best for their care-receiver. Endlessly providing, nourishing, worrying and managing can be extremely tiring. Emotions like jealousy of non-caregivers, hopelessness and irritation with your care-receiver arise, and understandably so. But as a caregiver, how do you ensure you or your care-receiver are not seriously affected by depleting emotions?
“Resentment is the caregiver’s dirty little secret…..Rather than fear or resist anger and resentment, let’s look at them as signals reminding us to incorporate more balance into our lives.”

Today’s Caregiver discusses how releasing resentment healthily can do as much for you as replacing it with an energising emotion, so that you are able to handle the brunt of caregiving more effectively.

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