Training for Everyday Caregiving

This  educational series  delves into the various aspects of taking care of a loved one. It provides valuable information and techniques which could be of great assistance to caregivers. The videos are demonstrated in a way a caregiver can easily relate to and understand.

1. How To Move A Loved One With Mobility Issues

When moving a loved one who has mobility issues one should be aware of their own limitations and what they can or cannot lift. The proper stance should be maintained so that there is no strain on the back. Before moving a loved one, it is helpful to explain what they intend on doing to make the process easier.

There are helpful pieces of equipment such as a gait belt or a grab bar near the toilet seat which can make movement easier for the loved one. The video also demonstrates helpful techniques that can be applied when supporting a loved one on and off the toilet or in and out of the car or bed. It also advises what to do in the case of a fall to ensure minimum injury.

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Next week we will focus on another important aspect of caregiving – nutrition. It will provide tips on how to prepare a balanced and delicious meal for a loved one thus making mealtime a pleasant experience.

Source: Family Caregiver Alliance

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