Tutorial: Improving Patient Engagement in Difficult Situations

“This is not gonna come as a surprise to your patient or their family, they just need validation of what they already fear and know deep inside themselves.” 

Health care practitioners often find themselves in situations where they have to discuss difficult topics with patients and caregivers (e.g. Failing treatment). While many healthcare professionals may agree that having these discussions is beneficial for the patient, many of them do not initiate them, mainly due to the lack of training. Dr Diane E. Meier, in this video, shares a step by step guide to help healthcare practitioners carry out difficult conversations.

“…it takes the patient out of the role of being a cog in the disease treatment machine and puts them in the role of an active participant and essentially captain of their own medical ship”

Allowing patients to have a directive approach in their treatment helps them feel better about the treatment. Meier reports that a lot of times people are confused because they have received different kinds of information, this makes them stay clueless. It is important to ensure that patients have understood their situation and the options available to them.

“Having conversations with persons and their families about very complex medical decisions in the context of a serious illness is a procedure and it requires training and practice and supervision just as any other complex medical procedure requires.”

Discussing these issues improves the quality of care delivered to the patients by helping them get what matters the most to them, rather than simply trying to get rid of the illness. Healthcare institutions need to have proper training programs so that patients can have a more interactive experience while navigating the healthcare system.

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Source: Centre to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC)

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