U n’ I with Rashmi Shetty – Bhavana Issar


Identity (0:00 – 8:00)

“I think I was very afraid of dying without having realised my dream”

 In this Interview Bhavana speaks about her identity, her inspirations and motivations that led her to found Caregiver Saathi. She talks about her determination to create social impact and about her aim to support the needs of caregivers.

 Growing up & Motorbiking (8:00 – 15:02)

Bhavana talks about her early experiences with motorcycling and speaks about how they contributed to her identity today. She speaks about her childhood and shares the stories that led to her become who she is today.

Biking & Life Lessons (15:02 –25:32)

Bhavana shares her biking experiences and compares them to her life’s journey and talks about how motorcycling helped her learn many life lessons. She goes on to discuss how motorcycling teaches respect and discipline and how those are important qualities to have in life as well. She speaks about the importance of being prepared for different things in life, which her motorcycling experiences taught her

Why Caregiving? Why Caregiver Saathi? (26:16 –43:19)

“Very often family members don’t see themselves as caregivers”

Bhavana believes it is important to do what you want, believe in your dreams and indulge in your hobbies. She speaks on the importance of not being scared to make mistakes and really do what you like in life.

Bhavana also talks about the gender dynamic involved in caregiving and addresses the socio-cultural context of caregiving in India.

She takes us though her journey as an entrepreneur and talks about the challenges faced while Caregiver Saathi was being founded. She talks about how she found a way to combine caregiving with entrepreneurship and  develop something that could contribute to the lives of other people. Bhavana also shares her desire to help others and talks about being open to new experiences and just doing the best and facing things head on, even if the path ahead may seem unclear.

“If we have to retain our heart, and our care and compassion, then we have to stop worrying about money”

She also shares her the practical aspects of caregiving that she had to deal with while starting Caregiver Saathi.

COVID-19 and Caregiving (43:20 – 47:40)

During the time of COVID-19, the importance of caregivers have really been noticed, and so many people have experienced being a caregiver during this time of isolation.  People are finally started to see caregivers and recognise their efforts and appreciate them, although it’s at the cost of a serious pandemic.

Bhavana’s Life Learnings (47:41 –50:13)

“The world has a lot to give, so do not approach the ocean with a spoon in your hand”

Bhavana talks about hope and its importance in our lives and about the importance of having faith in the things we do and the people we interact with.

Personal Stories (51:25 – 57:43)

“Story telling is healing for the story teller as well as the listener”

Bhavana ends by sharing an emotional story that impacted her and talks about the journey of a fellow caregiver. She also shares the necessity to back someone up and support them as a Caregiver – “Saathi”, not lead them and control them, but just support them while letting them be independent.

Listen to the full podcast here

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