Understanding Dementia to Add Predictability

Publisher: DailyCaring
Author: DailyCaring Editorial Team

“On an emotional level, having an idea of what symptoms to expect helps you find ways to cope with challenging behaviors … a chance to mentally prepare yourself for the inevitable changes”

 Symptoms of dementia are often unpredictable. The lack of knowledge about the disease prevents from developing valid guidelines applicable to take care of any dementia patient.

 “They may still be able to talk, but communicating and expressing thoughts becomes difficult – even for something basic like pain”

 Instances of miscommunication are common across people with a healthy brain function. Communication becomes tougher with the progression of the disease and problems are not conveyed properly. The progression of dementia also differs across people, hence it is also not applicable to assume that someone else’s plan would work for oneself.

 “…. some families may feel like their older adult is faking their symptoms or just isn’t trying hard enough.”

Dementia is characterized by a variety of symptoms including increased risk of infections. some of them may seem incongruent with the typical symptoms. It can lead to frustration in both the patient and caregiver and may give rise to conflict. It is important to consider dementia or a different disease as a possible source of the atypical symptoms instead of blaming the patient.

This article explains the symptoms of dementia in three stages to provide an idea of what one could anticipate as a caregiver to a dementia patient and plan accordingly.

To read the full article, click on this link: https://dailycaring.com/3-stages-of-dementia-what-to-expect/

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