Volunteers at Caregiver Saathi

Here at Caregiver Saathi, we’re proud to work with many talented and passionate volunteers and interns. In this video our volunteers give an unfiltered review of their experience, talking about why they work with us and what they have learnt.

Hinet, an HR intern and now volunteer, talks about how we are all caregivers in one way or another, and how Caregiver Saathi helps create an ecosystem to support us.

Shrishti and Rajvi were attracted to Caregiver Saathi because of our dedication to helping  those who work day and night to make life a little easier for their loved ones.

Kareena joined Caregiver Saathi as it stands for a cause that is not talked about very often but is still very important and needs more recognition.

Saloni wanted to be a part of Caregiver Saathi because of her own experience of living with a caregiver and a chronically ill patient for three years. She has a personal understanding of how neglected caregivers are.

Eesha chose to volunteer with Caregiver Saathi because she understands how important it is to work for those who care for others and how unique she finds this cause.

Our volunteers talk about how they learnt new things at Caregiver Saathi, and many wish to return and work with us again. They want to reach out to as many caregivers as possible.

If you would like to volunteer at Caregiver Saathi, click here

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