Webinar: Compassionate Caring – Psychiatric & Psycho-Social Aspects of Caregiving

Our 7th “Compassionate Caring” webinar featured Dr. Kersi Chavda as he talked about Psychiatric and Psycho-Social Aspects of Caregiving. The focus helped make caregivers aware of the difference between their own psychiatric and psycho-social needs while caregiving. Dr Chavda also emphasized the importance of and acknowledging weakness and vulnerability and seeking professional help.

Our “Compassionate Caring” series brings caregiving tips and solutions from experts. Participants will become a part of an extended family caregivers community. These webinars also include an interactive Q&A session with the experts.

Check out this video for a glimpse into this webinar:
Our webinars are conducted every 2 weeks. For updates on our future webinars and other educational materials, register on our website

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