Webinar: Compassionate Caring – Svatantra – Freedom from Anxiety and Fatigue Using Breath

Our 6th “Compassionate Caring” webinar featured Apoorva Gupta Jalan as she talked about Svantantra: Freedom from anxiety and fatigue using breath. The focus was on the importance of practicing yoga to maintain good health and to experience a sense of inner freedom for caregivers.

Apoorva shared her personal experiences with yoga and how it helped her maintain good health and peace. The session addressed misconceptions and helped us understand that yoga truly focuses on overall well-being. There was also a practice session in which all the participants were taught some breathing exercises.

The webinar included an interactive Q&A session with the expert. The participants brought up some interesting questions related to reducing anxiety with the help of yoga, how yoga can help patients with certain disorders, physical ailments and how to pick the right yoga therapist. On the whole, the webinar was extremely insightful and enabled a very constructive conversation and we are extremely delighted with the level of participation. Please do attend the upcoming webinars as we bring to you a diverse range of topics focused on the different elements of well-being for caregivers.

Check out this video for a glimpse into this webinar:

The full recording of the webinar will be uploaded shortly.

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