Webinar: Compassionate Caring – Understanding Grief Through The Yoga Sutras

Our 10th webinar on 4th September, 2020 featured Raghu Ananthanarayanan as he discussed the concept of “Understanding Grief through the Yoga Sutras ”. He is a post-graduate in engineering from IIT Madras. Raghu has delved deeply into Yoga and Behavioral Sciences to develop a unique approach to personal unfolding and organizational transformation. In this webinar, he talked about a unique methodology that he has developed called “Totally Aligned Organization” and a model called the “Tensegrity Mandala” that brings together his understanding of Yoga, Human Processes, and Manufacturing Systems.

Raghu was successfully able to guide the audience with their doubts and difficulties regarding the subject in hand. The audience was very lively and constantly engaged in conversation.

Our “Compassionate Caring” series brings caregiving tips and solutions from experts. Participants will become a part of an extended family caregivers community. These webinars will include an interactive Q&A session with the experts.

Check out this video for a glimpse into this webinar:

Our webinars are conducted every 2 weeks. For updates on our future webinars and other educational materials, register on our website

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