Webinar: Compassionate Caring: When children and young adults are caregivers to those with terminal illness

The 11th webinar conducted on 18th September 2020  featured Dr M.R Rajagopal as the guest speaker. Dr Rajagopal is the founder of ‘Pallium India’ an organization aimed at providing quality palliative care and effective pain relief for patients in India.

Dr Rajagopal highlighted the issue of how young caregivers are impacted  by sharing some stories. He also had his colleagues from Pallium India share their personal experiences.

The team also shared the importance of volunteers and why we should teach  children to be compassionate from a young age.

Our “Compassionate Caring” series brings caregiving tips and solutions from experts. Participants will become a part of an extended family caregivers community. These webinars will include an interactive Q&A session with the experts.

Check out this video for a glimpse into this webinar:


Our webinars are conducted every 2 weeks. For updates on our future webinars and other educational materials, register on our website

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