What can be done to keep healthcare workers safe?

The Healthcare industry reports the most workplace injuries and that number has skyrocketed with the current COVID-19 situation. However, all of these injuries and deaths have been entirely preventable. Some techniques that healthcare facilities have used to keep workplaces injuries down are the following. Setting goals for zero injuries and illnesses then planning to make that a reality. Making staff safety the most important and fundamental value over anything else in the organisation, while this won’t always be the most effective way to prevent injuries it can dramatically reduce the number of incidents. Make staff safety completely transparent and spend time to learn from every accident that occurs, this helps to increase the trust between employers and employees. Create a system whereby the entire organisation gets together every day to discuss possible hazards and accidents that have occurred, a system like this integrates the management and employees in a way that encourages reliance. Don’t let caregiver heroism become an excuse to not do anything, sending the message that putting yourself or the people around you in danger unnecessarily is a good thing is a negative thing as it encourages to not protect themselves correctly leading to an increase of injuries and illness.

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In the wake of COVID19 health care workers have been at risk far more than any other group of people. Taking care and ensuring their safety has become the top priority for most health care institutions. Here are some techniques that will be extremely helpful to make that easier. Prepare yourself, be aware of all the changes in the situation in your local area and prepare for these changes accordingly. The preparations should be strict and followed diligently. Control the patient influx, test the incoming patients for fever symptoms and respiratory issues as wells try to lower the number of patients coming in. Communicate and manage your staff, staff to staff transmission is almost as dangerous as patient to staff. Train and educate your personnel, having well trained and well-educated staff will be highly beneficial. Ensure separation of COVID  patients and medical equipment this is so that they cannot infect healthy people. Establish relationships with public health authorities and key medical personnel in your locality, so you can learn the emergency response techniques in your area.

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